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EFOY Fuel Cells

Available Now

Purchasing a Fuel Cell from Second Growth Homes, a local supplier, is a great option to try a new technology on your marine vessel, or at your remote cabin site. 

EFOY Fuel Cells provide a clean source of 12v Power to supplement your solar, wind, hydro, power system provided with your cabin. 


EFOY Comfort 80BT Fuel Cell

The smallest size of EFOY Fuel Cell in the Comfort line. 

This Methanol Fuel Cell is the ideal quiet, clean, and green power generation options for small boats, rv's, remote worksites, and more. 

Easily and painlessly mount this fuel cell on your vessel today, and never worry about low batteries or noisy gas generators. 

No Fumes.  A clean and quiet endless producing energy source. 

This unit is portable.  It is great for remote campsites.  Pair with one of our storage batteries, and you can always come back to camp to a full battery to charge your devices, or make a cup of coffee. 


Enjoy your freedom with the environmentally friendly and quiet power supply for on the road, whether camping, on the boat, at an event, outdoors or on a road trip. With EFOY you are self-sufficient in any weather. Your freedom. Your power.


EFOY Li 70

EFOY Lithium Ion Batteries

Capacity - 70Ah

Weight - 11.8 kg


EFOY Li 105

EFOY Lithium Ion Batteries

Capacity - 105Ah

Weight - 16.3 kg

EFOY Comfort M10 Fuel Cell Cartridge

M10 Fuel Cell Cartridge

Prices Change with Quantity - Price will Change as Shipping Cost is Improved

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