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Second Growth Cabins are well designed and Strongly Built.   

Finished throughout with clear finished spruce lumber, paneling, and trim.   The interior of these cabins are wonderful.

These EcoFriendly Cabins are the best choice for a remote homestead, cabin getaway, or back yard cottage. 

We build high quality cabins using Second Growth Spruce lumber harvested from the Tongass National Forest. 

Call Today to have your Dream Cabin or Small Home, designed and built on Your Lot   -   1-907-612-0364

"Quality Cabins built with Local Woods"

Sterling Connelly Chew  Designer/Builder

Second Growth Homes LLC


Saginaw Cabin Complete

Complete Construction of the Interior and Exterior. 

Sitka Spruce Tongue and Groove Paneled Interior

Exposed Ceiling Beams, Loft.

For $135,000 we build the Saginaw Cabin Complete

on your lot. 

This price does not include : 

Dirt work - Concrete Foundation 

Electrical Service Connection 

Water Service Connection 

Sewer Connection 

Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Appliances. 

The customer chooses the cabinets, countertops, appliances. 

We install the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances, and complete the interior 100% as part of this quote. 

Second Growth Homes Cabins and Small Homes, have a wonderful open concept floor plan.   The flow is exceptional. 

You can have a suprising number of people inside our small homes, and not feel crowded.  The open space and flow is wonderful. 

Purchase Today - or Inquire at

Thank You 

Sterling C Chew - KL5HB
Second Growth Homes LLC




16x20 Saginaw Cabin

Our 16x20 Saginaw Cabin is our flagship model cabin. 

This cabin has an open layout inside, which flows perfectly, creating a space the entire family can enjoy. 

The exterior of the Saginaw Cabin is a classic house shape that will shed snow and stand the test of the ages. 

The Saginaw Cabin is available as a fully finished turnkey cabin.  Our fully finished cabin includes a beautiful interior finished throughout with local Sitka Spruce Lumber. 

We offer solar power, rainwater catchment, and many other eco friendly options to complete your Saginaw Cabin. 


                 Gastineau Cabin 

The Gastineau Cabin.

18x30 Cabin

The Gastineau Cabin is a 18x30 cabin with a half sized loft. 

A separate bedroom and bath downstairs, and a sleeping loft above.   This Gastineau Cabin is a perfect fit for a family vacation getaway.  Or full time live in small home. 

18x30 Gastineau Cabin

The 18x30 Gastineau Cabin is a wonderful medium sized cabin/small home with an open Kitchen/Dining/Living Room. 

This Cabin is well sized for small family getaway, a rental cabin, or a small home. 

The greatest benefit of choosing the 18x30 Gastineau is the cabin is sized well for a downstairs bedroom, as well as the large sleeping loft upstairs.  

The exterior complete price includes this cabin built complete on your property. 

We custom design this cabin to match all your wants and needs. 

Holloway Cabin Complete

The Holloway Cabin


12x16 Cabin 


Complete Built Price Onsite 


Complete Construction 

Exterior Finish in Local woods

Includes Wood Stove, Counter, and Interior Bunk


Options :


Complete Turn-Key Interior Finished in Sitka Spruce 


Power and Water supply options designed to fit your site.


Inquire about our interior local wood furniture options, that are able to be purchased with your cabins. 




          10x12 Holloway Cabin 

The 10x12 Holloway Cabin is our simplest and smallest option for a remote cabin. 

This cabin comes as a complete, built onsite, 10x12 Cabin.   

The exterior of the cabin is finished and painted in your chosen colors.

The interior of the Holloway cabin package is finished to bare wooden studs and plywood walls.  The cabin comes with an installed woodstove, counter area, sleeping bunk, and sleeping loft. 

The interior of the cabin can be finished complete by us! Or you can install your own insulation, wall paneling, and electrical/plumbing as you choose. 


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