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A Cabin 
By Second Growth Homes

Our A Cabins are Second Growth Homes offering for a reasonable priced, safe and strong, housing option.  

The A Cabins fill many needs.   First and foremost these cabins are designed to be a first strike cabin on piece of remote property.   A Cabins can be assembled complete onsite in 3 days.  The A Frames are easy and quick to assemble and erect.  You can even set the A Frames and begin sheeting your first day on your property, pull a tarp over the structure for the evening, and you will have an awesome first night in your new A Cabin. 

The A Cabin is a perfect option as a simple accessory dwelling on property you already own.  The A Cabin is ideal for small scale homesteaders, employee housing, accessory dwellings, remote camps, hunting camps, and many more. 


A Cabin's
By Second Growth Homes

Why purchase an A Cabin from Second Growth Homes? 

These A Cabins are designed by me, Sterling C Chew - To be the easiest built, strongest, long lasting, cabin kit and quick build available in America. 

These cabins are built entirely of Second Growth Spruce lumber that is sustainably harvested.  This lumber is 50 year Second Growth Timber - that has regrown in commercially clearcut stands.   We thin the stands of forest back to a normal tree spacing, and we utilize the beautiful strong lightweight lumber to build the A Cabins. 

The Cabins are framed in Smooth Finish Sitka Spruce 3x6.  The walls, and roof, are sheeted in 2x6 Sitka Spruce Tongue and Groove.   The sheeting lumber is fast and easy to install, I find it easier and more enjoyable than sheeting in plywood. 



We are offering these cabins in 3 standard sizes.  
16x16 - 16x20 - 16x24


A - 16x20 - Standard Model - Bauge1.jpg
A - 16x20 - Standard Model - Site View1.jpg

16x20 A Cabin
By Second Growth Homes

This is our standard size A Cabin -  I built this A Cabin for my own families use, to live in while we work at our remote sawmill yard in winter months.   

The cabin is a wonderful size.   It is Safe and Strong, Easily Built, and Enjoyable to Use. 



A Cabin 
By Second Growth Homes

This is our 16x20 A Cabin -  By Second Growth Homes

The cabin is framed, sheeted, roofed, windows and doors are installed, and final trim and paint is completed.   

The interior of the cabin is gorgeous exposed smooth finished spruce beams, and tongue and groove.   

The Aframes are built of 3x6x16' Sitka
Spruce, with half lap joined ends.  The beams are finished smooth, and left exposed inside the A Cabin.

Shipping will be calculated - and added to the price before order is confirmed. 

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Second Growth Homes LLC is a custom inhouse designer of cabins and small homes.  

If you have a unique project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

Thank  You 

Sterling C Chew - Owner
Second Growth Homes LLC 

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