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Second Growth Homes

An EcoFriendly Cabin and Small Home Construction Company


A Cabin 
By Second Growth Homes

This is our 16x20 A Cabin -  By Second Growth Homes

The cabin is framed, sheeted, roofed, windows and doors are installed, and final trim and paint is completed.   

The interior of the cabin is gorgeous exposed smooth finished spruce beams, and tongue and groove.   

The Aframes are built of 3x6x16' Sitka
Spruce, with half lap joined ends.  The beams are finished smooth, and left exposed inside the A Cabin.

Shipping will be calculated - and added to the price before order is confirmed. 

A - 16x20 - Standard Model - Bauge1.jpg
A - 16x20 - Standard Model - Site View1.jpg

Your Cabin in the Woods -  By Conrad E. Meinecke

I suggest purchasing this book as your first start to planning your cabin.   It is a wonderful read, that will likely find a place on the coffee table in your finished cabin.  

The book gives a wonderful feeling of why we build and enjoy cabins in the outdoors.  It is a perfect start to dreaming about having your own Cabin in the Woods. 



The Saginaw Cabin


16x20 Cabin 


The Saginaw Cabin Complete Includes : 

Complete Construction of the Interior and Exterior. 

Sitka Spruce Tongue and Groove Paneled Interior

Exposed Ceiling Beams, Loft.

For $135,000 we build the Saginaw Cabin Complete

on your lot. 

This price does not include : 

Dirt work - Concrete Foundation 

Electrical Service Connection 

Water Service Connection 

Sewer Connection 

Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops, Appliances. 

The customer chooses the cabinets, countertops, appliances. 

We install the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances, and complete the interior 100% as part of this quote. 

Second Growth Homes Cabins and Small Homes, have a wonderful open concept floor plan.   The flow is exceptional. 

You can have a suprising number of people inside our small homes, and not feel crowded.  The open space and flow is wonderful. 

Purchase Today - or Inquire at

Thank You 

Sterling C Chew - KL5HB
Second Growth Homes LLC


Gastineau Cabin 

The Gastineau Cabin.


18x30 Cabin


The Gastineau Cabin is a 18x30 cabin with a half sized loft. 

A separate bedroom and bath downstairs, and a sleeping loft above.   This Gastineau Cabin is a perfect fit for a family vacation getaway.  Or full time live in small home. 

Garden Shed - 10x12

These High Quality, Strongly Built Sheds, are available for purchase on our website. The sheds are assembled onsite at your property.


The Roofs are Standing Seam Metal and will Shed Snow. You will never need to worry about shoveling the roof of snow, nor your shed collapsing.


These are High Quality sheds, built to the same standards, as our full size Second Growth Homes. The sheds are pleasing to look at, and easy to use.


We can customize the siding to match an existing home if requested.

Choose your roofing, siding, and trim paint colors.


10x12 Yard Shed Complete - $14,500

10x12 Yard Shed With Windows - $16,500


Make your dream home come to life with the help of Second Growth Homes..  


We are a unique company that builds EcoFriendly Small Homes and Cabins. 


Our Specialty is Remote Work, in locations across the gorgeous waterways of Southeast Alaska. 



We would be honored to be the caretakers and facilitators of the process of designing and building your dream home or cabin.  We provide a unique enjoyable experience for our customers and I personally facilitate all the steps of the process, from choosing a property that will fit your exact needs, to designing your custom dream home, or to choose an already built home that we can remodel to fit your needs and dreams. 


Think Of Second Growth Homes if you are looking for a unique quality experience with a builder you can know and trust.



Would you like to own a beautiful waterfront Remote Cabin in Southeast Alaska?



Ask about our fully built Cabins and Cabin kits today.  We manufacture and sell lumber packages for Cabins, small homes, tiny homes, garages, greenhouses, and sheds in all sizes and stages of finish, including fully built and furnished.  Solar roof panel packages, windpower packages, led light packages, all are available to be included with your cabin.  Call us today for a custom quote for your building needs.










Second Growth Homes builds and remodels homes here in Juneau, as well as serving remote construction sites across Southeast Alaska.


We are a full service construction company.  Offering logging, land clearing, excavation, and all other services involving carpentry and construction.


From Custom Timber Frame Houses, to small cabins and sheds on your remote property, Second Growth Homes crew has the skill and expertise to complete your construction projects with a high level of workmanship, attention to detail, and completion in a timely manner.













Our Mission and Vision

Second Growth Homes mission is to provide quality homes and cabins built with renewable second growth spruce timber that is grown, harvested, and milled, right here in Southeast, Alaska.

Service Areas

We serve homeowners all across Southeast Alaska, with a particular focus on Juneau and Tenakee Springs.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Contact Information 

Second Growth Homes

Phone: 907-612-0364


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